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As the Merchant of Record, Gapp Group will establish a Merchant Account, Credit Card rates, and Payment Gateways to connect with your Store.  This will allow us to collect payments and become the liable Merchant of Record on your behalf.  Hidden fees, charge-backs, compliance, and liability are the responsibility of Gapp Group (the Merchant of Record).


We'll partner with you to define tax categories on your products in order to calculate sales tax during checkout.  After orders are placed, we'll collect taxes and file tax returns in each local jurisdiction on a quarterly basis.  Our tax experts are informed with the latest laws and compliance and we are already registered in nexuses within the US and several other countries.  Going global is very easy for our customers.


Our experts will monitor and investigate your orders for fraud.  With machine-learning tools that train across millions of global companies, we can help minimize fraud.  At the same time, we can properly configure your platform which might be blocking legitimate customers.  We also have plans to take on your fraud liability!


As a Merchant of Record, we obtain the liability of processing payments, managing and being accountable for fraud, and remitting sales tax in local jurisdictions.  This reduction of liability can ease the burden on your finance and accounting departments.


You won't need to worry about credit card fees, merchant fees, charge-backs or fraud.  As Merchant of Record, we are responsible for all of that.  All sales are deposited directly into your bank account without having to worry about taxes or payment processing fees.  We provide detailed statements breaking down costs and allocations.


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